Jersey Shore, NJ

I have got in the way of going away to new places for my birthday every year, and even though being in New York is different from normal, I still couldn’t resist the idea of running away for a couple of days.

I had planned on going to Nashville, a place I’ve always wanted to go, but being bandaged up and still in crutches it just didn’t seem worth it yet.

So, living in New Jersey, a trip to the shore had to happen at some point. Just to see if it really is like on TV.

This seemed like a pretty good excuse.

jersey shore

Although it wasn’t quite as crazy as I expected. Nowhere near as much fist pumping and meat heads as on the programme. I think we were a little further along the coast though.

It was still lively for being in small bars.

Girls dancing on the bar is always a sign of people on a wild night out.

jersey shore bar

Sitting having a beer in the sun at 5pm and there were queues out the club next door already. Can only imagine what it would’ve looked like by 11pm.

Although, crutches and crazy bars didn’t seem like a recipe for good results.

Other than the drinking, the beach is really nice, white sand as far as you can see.


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