Boston, MA

This post has been a long time coming. But finally I should write it.

Too many distractions! And now everyone is talking about going. So here’s what I did!

Slept at: Boston Backpacker’s. $50 a night. A little over priced. But that’s just the standard for Boston. So not much choice on that one.

Pro’s: Friendly staff. Good showers. Shuttle to and from the train station – brilliant help when your either half asleep in the morning or exhausted at the end of the day. Good breakfast, fill your boots with toast and coffee and get ready to take on the day! Bar and communal area to meet people. Free towels, hairdryer and lockers.

Con’s: Not the cleanest looking sheets. But I’m certain they’d be happy to change them, I was just too tired to care – so they couldn’t have been that bad! When I was there it was mid paint job, so it should be nice and fresh. A little bit out of the way, but easy enough to get into the city especially with the shuttle!

What we did

Arrived early and got our bags and beds sorted out.

Freedom Trail. Follow the red brick path!
A little difficult to find to start with but then easy to follow – didn’t help there was a big farmers market plonked on top of it!

Quincy Market. Lobster roll and clam chowder? Yes please!

“Comedy” show. Or improv. Questionable quality. Slightly awkward humour. But entertaining none the less.

Harvard University area. We went too late to wander around the University but the local area was nice.

Boston Common. Get a leap frog in at the frog pond. Nice bit of greenery to have a morning wander. But it tipped it down with rain, so we mostly hid under an umbrella and tried to find Boston cream pie.

Boston Public Library. Really beautiful piece of architecture. Free. Definitely worth a visit. We jumped in to avoid the rain for a bit. Nice little seating area in the atrium to read a book and chill out.

Boston cream pie at Omni Parker House Hotel.
Cannoli at Mike’s pastry – famous in the area.
Lobster rolls.
Ice cream sandwich. Salted caramel cookie with turtle ice cream.

I forgot my passport and didn’t have a state ID yet. Idiot. So I couldn’t drink for the weekend!

Observation decks.
Skywalk Observatory, Prudential Centre. $17 to go up and see the Boston Skyline (on a clear day) or go up a level to the restaurant and grab a coffee and watch the city.


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