WWE Live

Don’t even ask

FOMO’s are the only good explanation I have

People were going. And I didn’t feel like drinking

So this was a hilarious alternative

I have never had any desire to watch grown men prance around in leather pants

But oh my God it was funny

Just standing in the entrance of Madison Square Garden watching people come in with big WWE belts was like some kind of strange social experiment that I just walked into – worth going just for that!

(at this point I didn’t have a ticket yet)

When we got to the seats there were three lots of people that sat next to us – clearly too excitable to understand seat numbers

Two of which were young boys that looked like they might pee their pants with excitement

I can’t say that I knew who anyone was, I wasn’t really a fan as a kid. But I could see that a lot of them had a big following

Generally a pretty enjoyable and random Saturday night, watching people get thrown through tables and trapped in cages

Not to mention the really cheesy, standard American commentary and behind the scenes footage


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