Ben Howard & Daughter

At Radio City Music Hall, September 28 

Definitely one for the bucket list

Ben Howard is one of my favourite singers, and playing in an amazing venue like Radio City

After months of randomly checking tickets, I bit the bullet the night before and went on my own

Radio City is beautiful, regal, and absolutely enormous

radio city

For two fairly quiet singers like Daughter and Ben Howard, I’d say it was probably too big – the styles of each just didn’t match up

The exact same performance in a venue a quarter of the size would make your hair stand up on end and get goosebumps down your spine

That being said, it was still incredible

Not just the musical talent, or Ben’s beautiful face…

But the little touches that went into lighting and artwork

Throughout the set the backdrop changed, typically starting with a blacked out stage and one focal light

Then an image would be projected, transforming the stage

One was a rolling clip of a subway moving through stations, that transitioned into old footage of a gig with the camera spinning in the middle

Another had an image of an old oak tree as it grew, giving the impression of it moving in the wind and growing with the performance


Every so often I caught a glimpse of a shadow of the pianist against the auditorium walls

An observation/comparison to the UK

When you go to the cinema at home, it’s quiet, if you talk it’s considered rude. Here, people cheer and applaud everything.

When you go to a gig here, at least this one, people don’t make noise, other than to clap and show appreciation at the end of a song. At home, you go nuts. At the end I just kept expecting people to break into “one more tune”, instead people left early


Beautiful performance and definitely something off the bucket list.


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