Blink and you’ll miss it

This time last year I was about to start one of the most incredible weeks of my personal and professional life.

This marked the first day of Ryder Cup 2014.

And my first experience of working on a major sporting event.


I got to learn the joys of photo shoots with helicopters when you can’t see through fog.

10599415_10152726181981122_7518130517288575829_n (1)

The inevitable drain of making press packs.


And the magic, when everything comes together and you get to watch the sun rise over beautiful Scottish scenery, while a deer runs across the fairway at the perfect moment.

Still hard to believe the opening minutes worked out so perfectly.

10649951_10152764389681122_4766081033585591956_n (1)

The experience opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I could do with my life. Where I could go. The people I could meet. The stories I could tell.

And it taught me to like golf. Something I really didn’t think would ever be possible growing up in a house with two golfers who never managed to capture my interest.


Now I have some crazy ideas of following sporting events around the world.

But I set myself the goal of working at Ryder Cup when I graduated, so who’s to say I can’t follow events? At least around a couple of continents….


I did manage to get myself to New York for a year!


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