J E T S! Jets! Jets! Jets!

On Sunday a group of us went to the first Jets game of the season. Our first ‘football’ game ever.

Just to top off the week of sports heavy activities.

The atmosphere at the game was completely different from other American sports.

Tennis, baseball, ‘soccer’ were all quiet. Basketball made an effort. But not a patch on the Jets crowd.

They are insane. Drunken fools. That just seem to want to start fights. At least that was the plan for a few of the guys in front of us.

This was a perfect opportunity to see just how bad American’s are at drinking. Whilst they waste $11 a beer, getting worse at it.

The sport itself. It’s a little slower than I expected. It goes through the plays, stopping all the time.

Who knew it could take so long to get a ball 10 yards?

At some point I will learn and understand the rules, but I imagine it’s going to take me some time.

But for now, it’s the closest thing I’m going to get to rugby – without waking up stupidly early.

I’d definitely go back. It’s the first sport that actually has some enthusiasm!

And Jets beat the Browns! Happy days!



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