Chicago (The musical, we don’t need to relive the car wreck)

After a couple of weeks of been asked when I was free with no response about why, just mischievous grins.

I was finally told I was to wear a tracksuit and we were off to McDonald’s to try the new flavour of McFlurry – because they only release in one restaurant at a time. Whatever Jack.

I got a surprise (late birthday?) night out to see Chicago.

Broadway Week!

I used to watch Chicago as a kid. Not as much as my sister did. She could probably recite the thing in her sleep. At least back then, not sure about now.

But enough to have it as the only Broadway show I wanted to see this year.

The set is small and simple, but the performance is amazing!

The singing and the orchestra were incredible.

The dancing was basic. But entertaining.

There were so many songs I had totally forgotten about like Mr Cellophane – or at least I had forgotten that it was in Chicago.

And the one where Roxy plays a ventriloquist dummy in court – her facial expressions were hilarious, she really did look like a dummy!

I would definitely recommend going to see it!

Followed by cocktails at Dead Rabbit!




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