A week of sport

Come on Yankees! New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles, 9 Sept 2015


A last minute decision based on finding $11 tickets with a free bobble head.

All about the bobble head. Love a freebie.

People were trying to pay me for that wee thing! So I checked how much they’re worth…

On Ebay, the one I got is going for between $20-$70, and if I got a Snoopy, some crazy fool is selling it for $125!

Yankee Stadium 

This was my second time in the stadium, but this time it was a temperature where you can tolerate having a walk around – not getting snow in your face!

Which obviously just meant realising I was peckish after work.

So a giant bucket of chicken sliders and fries was the only way to go!

$20 for 5 sliders and tonnes of fries. And if you paid with MasterCard, a free litre of Pepsi!!


Clearly for sharing!

The Game 

Baseball itself of course isn’t the most riveting activity to watch.

But I was pleasantly surprised.


Fair enough I wasn’t paying close attention, because you can kind of get the gist while still looking at what’s going on around you.

But even with that, I still started to understand the process and some of the rules.

Unfortunately Yankees lost, 5-3 to the Orioles. But hey, its the taking part that counts, right?!


We left half way through the eighth inning to try and beat the rush to the subway (a lot of people had the same idea).


Now I’ll think about a Friday free shirt night at the Met’s!



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