Legs and Lessons


The knee man says I’m on the mend.

After my last appointment with the MRI I discovered that I have a fractured lateral tibia plateau.

In English: A small crack where my knee and shin meet, slightly above the cartilage.

Being told that I wasn’t allowed to walk much (or I’d potentially damage the cartilage and be in a new world of pain) and to enjoy my summer wasn’t exactly how I saw that appointment playing out.

I don’t do sitting still.

And it’s New York, even if I could, the city wouldn’t let me! You want me to sit still? Give me a wheelchair!

So I wasn’t exactly the happiest person to receive the news. Although realistically, it was the best news I was going to get.

With a projected recovery time of 3-6 weeks, I am now on week 4 and have been given the new verdict that it is healing.

New bone is growing – because I somehow sat still enough.

And now I have at least 6 weeks of physical therapy.

Still no weights. Still to be careful.

Can’t expect miracles. But things are looking up.

What I’ve learnt
This whole experience has been a massive test on my mental strength.

I knew I could deal with whatever life threw at me before, but then I had friends and family around and different responsibilities. Here I’ve had to learn to do it myself.

Legal system. How to get a lawyer. Health care system. How to file a claim. How to navigate New York on crutches. How to get where I needed to be. And why tramadol isn’t used in Scotland!

And for the most part. I think I’ve done fairly well.

Lately, I have changed my approach from thinking people have no reason not to help me, which didn’t exactly work out as I had hoped, to my new approach of no prisoners.

You have to look out for yourself.

Stop being a softy!

At some point I needed to learn just how strong I was, and be able to stand on my own 2 feet (or right now, maybe 1 and a bit).

Not by any stretch of the imagination the 6 weeks I ever wanted to experience during my year in New York, but you know what? It’ll give me stories, experiences and the lesson of how to dodge cars at crossings.


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