Go on yerself Federer! 

US Open 2015, Flushing Meadows, Arthur Ashe Stadium, Sept 7, 2015

You can tell there’s something exciting happening in the city when you get on the subway and it’s crammed fuller than usual with people from the first stop.

And a lot of those people looking like they never, ever take the subway.

Last night it was rightfully busy for one reason. The US Open Tennis!

Arriving at Flushing Meadows to the Arthur Ashe Stadium was so exciting.


You could feel the energy buzzing about! 

The scale and enthusiasm took me straight back to Ryder Cup, seeing people arrive at the spectators village and trying to suss out where to go and how to make sure they didn’t miss anything.

We got ourselves sorted with some drinks and started to watch the Andy Murray on the big screen before going to find our seats and take dorky pictures.



From the top of the arena you could see Corona Park on one side, the Andy Murray game on the other and the Manhattan Skyline behind us.


The first game was Petra Kvitova and Johanna Konta for the female competition.It was pretty clear to see that nobody was interested or following it.


Especially when the crowd lining the wall, overlooking the Louis Armstrong Stadium, grew bigger and bigger to watch the Murray game.


As a non-tennis fan having a lack of energy at the game started to make me wonder if my expectations were way out of line.

But then the Federer match started. And it quickly caught up to the excitement I’d anticipated.


Immediately everyone was more involved, cheering with the game, sitting on the edge of their seat, giving it all the oohs and aahs.

Luckily this made it easier to deal with vertigo from high seats and overwhelming heat.

Tennis doesn’t half go on…

As I got into the game more I started to understand the rules and the points system, making it easier to follow and know when to cheer and not to.


Knowing how long it would take to get home, by 10.30 I was starting to weigh up my options and work out when I’d need to leave if I ever wanted to sleep before work in the morning.
While not wanting to leave before it was finished.

Damn decisions!

And then Federer kicked John Isner’s ass!


We made it to the end!

And by the time I set myself to leave. He must’ve known.

Such a fun night out and something a little different.

Maybe there is still hope for me as a tennis fan!



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