Outdoor Film Anyone?

Something that has amused me every time I’ve gone to a film event in New York is how into it American’s get.

I expect it just to be a normal film experience, maybe with a little bit of clapping because it’s a film festival or an outdoor showing.


People get up. They dance. They sing. They shout. They clap.

They really get into it!

Last week was no different.

At the end of every summer, Central Park Conservancy runs the ‘Central Park Film Festival’ for a week, showing films in Sheep Meadow every night. (This year a bunch of 1980’s films.)

I was lucky to catch this when I came on holiday a few years ago and really wanted to make sure I went this year – as well as attempting every other outdoor film season I could manage.

So last Tuesday, it was time to sing and dance with the locals watching ‘Fame!’

I’m gonna live forever
I’m gonna learn how to fly
I feel it coming together
People will see me and cry

My God. I knew they were gonna be into it. But I didn’t think that much.

The film hadn’t even started and there was a group giving their own warm up performance.

When it started, everyone joined in, they clapped all the time. And by the end, everyone was up dancing… I wanted to see!

Definitely worth going just to be baffled by people’s passion for film.

Being a little down on the New York love lately, this was great, just to sit and watch everyone’s enthusiasm and have a laugh!

(E.Z. sorry I stole your picture!)


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