Pull Up Power Hour Anyone?

When I moved to New York/New Jersey I joined Crossfit so I could meet some people with similar interests – because anyone that doesn’t do Crossfit really doesn’t get why anyone ever would.

Although until recently I have completely failed at meeting anyone.

Even though there have been different mixers and opportunities, I seem to have been away on trips or doing something already.

So last Friday it was time!

Enough of sleepy 6am sessions and only having brief conversations.

It was time to do a ‘power hour’.

I have never done a power hour.

And this one was like a power hour on steroids.

This was an hour of every minute on the minute, take a shot of beer and do a pull up.

Alcohol + exercise = results I was yet to discover.


Before I went along, I will admit I was slightly bricking it.

It gets so easy to stay in your comfort zone.

But I had half made a deal with one of the girls that if one of us went, the other would. And then I didn’t train in the morning, so I didn’t know if she’d go.

Was I going to walk in and be on my own and freeze up? Or was I going to have at least one familiar face?

I had one familiar face!!

Pull Up/Beer Machines

There were so many people!

The gym was full. 3 to a section of a bar.

Beer. Pull up.

And in between times, chat to people and make some friends.

I had so much fun.

I still didn’t get a pull up. Not for lack of trying. Apparently beer just causes my legs to fly around a little more than they should.

But I did get to chat to new people. I did get to drink beer. And I did get to try something new.

I also managed to rip my hands apart. But that was to be expected.

The best bit about it was that all of this was to raise money to go to charity.

Each member paid $5 on the way in toward the American Diabetes Association.


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