Life is a Rollercoaster

I went to 6 Flags last month!!

I’ll admit it, I am a wimp. A complete and utter wimp.

I’m just not a big fan of rollercoasters. Getting chucked upside down, going fast, dropping from a height where you can’t see the ground, and all the while your strapped into a ridiculously uncomfortable chair that gives you a wedgy.

So of course when Mountbatten suggested a trip to 6 Flags to play on rollercoasters for a day, the obvious answer was yes. The logical answer would have been no.

But nothing I do is logical.

The deal was too good to pass up – yes, cheap skate mode combined with always say yes took over my brain. I just saw it as a day out somewhere new. Plus, they have rides for kids, so surely I had to be able to do something! Right?

And if not. There’s always food.


I had a great day playing on the runaway trains – yes, trains, plural – the swinging ship, rapids, log flumes.11751305_10153562522281122_1633347206_n

All the fun stuff that makes you excited but doesn’t make you doubt whether you’ll make it to the end with your guts intact.

The rapids were definitely the highlight. I got soaked through to the skin. While almost everyone else was bone dry. This just didn’t seem fair! But it was hilarious.

The other upside to the wimpy ones. They didn’t break.

The big, terrifying ones spent the day breaking down and overheating or had huge queues that weren’t worth waiting in.

The one time I decided to see if I was brave enough, I waited for 90 minutes in a queue, in the heat, with no liquids, being traumatised by the sound of people screaming. And I didn’t even get on. I would’ve missed the bus.

But I did get hot dogs. And ice cream. So everyone’s a winner.


I was just missing a big cuddly (slightly scary) stuffed animal.


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