First Impressions: Washington, DC.

I took a trip to Washington, DC. back in May (yes, I am delayed) for Memorial Day Weekend.

First Impression

Clean. Spacious. Short.

When you’re surrounded by the concrete jungle of New York all the time, you start to forget how grubby and cramped it is. It’s just normal.

Until you step off a bus and see blindingly white pavements, no dirt, fresh air, wide roads and no homeless people!


There’s a rule in DC that all the buildings have to be shorter that the White House. Or something along those lines.

I suddenly returned to my normal height! I wasn’t surrounded by sky scrapers anymore!

Looking at it, they were definitely shorter than New York, but they didn’t seem shorter than the White House.

After a while

When that first impression started to wear off and the exploring was underway, I started to realise there isn’t much more to the place.

It is a bit of a toy town.

The city is built up around ‘The Mall’ with historic memorials and areas of interest, with The Capitol at one end and the White House in the middle.

Around it, there’s just little buildings that mix and match through different ages and are significant for something or other.

And then a beautiful lake.

Walking City

I was told before I went that it was a good walking city.

And it is. The majority of it is pretty close together. So you can easily walk the length of it, and then catch a subway to get back, because otherwise you’ll have to crawl home.

It was so nice to spend a weekend in a city with a slower pace, getting to wander around and take my time. In clean air. Without battering into other people.

Since that isn’t really something that happens in New York.



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