Perks of the job

After a stressful week with multiple projects and an event to get ready for, it was time for ‘the show to go on’.

At my work we did a Spring Theatre Benefit to raise money and awareness about our outreach programmes.

So I got to go along to ‘work’ at the event, registering people at the pre-theatre drinks reception at Julliard – I’m so fancy I go to receptions at famous arts schools.

That bit was definitely work.


Whilst being tortured by servers for over an hour, with them walking past, looking and giggling at the fact we had no food.

Then we managed to persuade them to give us tons of canapés.


A tray with 3 of all 6 types of canapés.


And then another tray.

Yes, I am a fatty.

But they were only wee! And I shared!

It was important to do a taste test. Even if it was too late.

Plus, who wants to listen to someone’s stomach rumble the whole way through a performance?!

Then it was the ‘good bit’.


Putting this into perspective. I am not a theater goer.

No matter how hard my dad tried at home. I would not bite. I couldn’t take it. Especially musicals.

So getting a free ticket to see The King and I, as much as I was looking forward to it, it wasn’t my idea of fun. But it was definitely something I wanted to do during the year. So I was never going to refuse!

I was very pleasantly surprised.

I had heard of The King and I in the past, but I had no clue what it was about.

It started with a huge ship moving in across the stage, right up to the edge of the audience – who lined the circular stage.

Off to a good start!

The show then went through the relationship between the British teacher and the King of Siam, looking at the cultural differences between England and Bangkok.

I learnt so much in one night!

Crazy little man with all his wives and screwed up power.

I wonder how I can get lots of husbands and make everyone bow at my feet…

Even though it was a musical

I really enjoyed it.  It wasn’t the usual, in your face, singing constantly type of musical.

It was more tasteful. Singing where they really had to.

For once I didn’t feel on edge and uncomfortable!


And then it won a Tony Award a couple of weeks later!!


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