The Challenge Book of all Challenge Books

Before I left the UK my friends had one last night to celebrate my existence.

They made a little party buffet full of American snacks, flags, cowboy hats. You know… the norm.


And gave me the most amazing book, ‘Amy’s Guidebook’.


They decided that since I have an obsession with buying guidebooks, or, because I’m a cheapskate, research everything about everywhere that I may one day decide to go. They would make me my own guidebook.

Or challenge book.

This book is full of random things that I have to do throughout the year and spaces to add photos to prove that I did it.

Some are fairly simple.

Take a photo of yourself in every season (at least for normal people that can handle getting their picture taken, this is a simple challenge – not so much for me).

But to be able to do this, and look appropriately ridiculous, the little $#!?$ got me a selfie stick.  Following my 20 minute rant about how much I hate people with selfie sticks.

Thanks Carey. You just knew it would get the exact reaction you wanted!

And then there were other challenges, like having a Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity. Or eating a cupcake at Two Little Red Hens Bakery.

You don’t need to tell me twice!

Then there were slightly more random ones, like going to Brooklyn Night Bazaar – my friend had done the Oz version and said it was a must.

Or taking a photo with the Barbie chandelier in Boobie Trap.

Eating a Supersize Meal – knowing that I like to eat healthily they knew exactly how much this would make me freak out.

4 months in New York, I could probably do it now. I was also to get a before and after picture. I don’t know if that was of the burger, my green face or my food baby.

Go to FAO Schwartz and pretend to be Kevin from Home Alone.

Go to a gig.

Steal a police badge. Easy enough, surely…

Drink a giant Frappe from Starbucks.

Run around Central Park like Phoebe from Friends.

Bring on the challenges!!


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