Sometimes, you just need a really random night

Monday’s suck.

So to get over it, I decided I would go on Time Out and find something free to do last night.

The only free thing turned out to be fishing.

I have never been fishing. I have never really had any inclination to. But hey, why not give it a try, right?


So off I went, had a little wander to Pier 25, and I learnt to fish in the Hudson.

No big surprise that I caught diddly squat. But that doesn’t matter.

It was a really nice way to finish up a Monday.


After that I had a little wander around, realising I had never been to the pier before.

I got a little over excited at the sight of mini golf and had to play.

I got beat.


(^The “ha, you’re about to lose” lets take a picture moment^)

Two competitive people, that aren’t great at golf playing together, just leads to one smug winner.

And a tonne of half price sushi!

Like I said… random night!

If only all Monday’s could be like that.


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