Brooklyn Night Bazaar

It took a little longer than I intended. But I started my challenges and got myself to Brooklyn Night Bazaar.

I’d been meaning to go since my second week in New York, but something always came up – don’t ask what, because at this point I can’t remember.

And then they announced that it was going to stop before the summer. Some kind of leasing problem!

So it had to be done. Immediately.


Time Out had a great Access All Areas deal, $35 for two (not $75), each person got 2 beers, 5 food tokens, mini golf, or ping pong.

After some issues with downloading the ticket, we got in.

The Experience

Not what I expected.

I walked in to see a big bunch of market vendors set up in the middle of the room. Bars dotted around the sides. Food at one end. A live band in corner. And ping pong, air hockey and mini golf at the back.

The flea market was more or less the same as everywhere. The same vendors that go to Artists and Fleas. Upmarket stuff that all looks lovely. But stipend life just won’t cover it.

The food was pretty delicious. And everything that I didn’t get to eat, I wanted to eat.


I stood in the line for barbeque, and when I got to the front I jumped to the Japanese beef curry line.

Because I’m that much of a nightmare.

Food envy is a real problem.

But I definitely made the right choice.

Homey, spicy, tasty, massive portion of curry and sticky rice.

Played a game of (bazaar) mini golf. It had a lot of wooden structures and statues of pop culture icon haphazardly dotted around.

Obama the superhero.

Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.


And somehow the most bazaar thing happened. I won. This did not go down very well. Competitive sore losers just don’t take these things very well.


The music. If you can call it that. Was, well, pretty awful.

The first band, they were just noise. I don’t know if it was the acoustics in the building. But the sound just seemed to bounce of the ceiling and then fall like a dead weight on my head.

The second one.  I still haven’t managed to decide if they were as bad, or worse. Like a bag of cats being slammed against a wall.

I bumped into my roommate there. As she was leaving. 10 minutes after she’d arrived. Because she couldn’t take the noise.

Despite the sound of uncertain death in my ears. I had a really good time.

Good food. Good beer. Good company. Pretty things to look at. Winning at mini golf.


And I can’t forget the best bit.

Caramel and sea salt candy floss. BIGGER THAN MY HEAD.


Hopefully it will come back to another venue before I leave so I can go again!

All I can say now is. Chloe. Challenge completed.


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