A teeny tiny snippet of June

A Snapshot of June

As much as I really try to slow down. The reality is, I can’t.

How am I meant to slow down in the city that never sleeps?!?

Ridiculous idea.

In the last month I…

– Had a visit from my mum and dad

– Went to the top of World Trade One/Freedom Tower

– Saw a Broadway show – The King & I

– Ate some pastrami and brisket sandwiches at Katz’ Deli

– Ate at Gramercy Tavern

– Went to 6 Flags

– Saw (some of) Ghostbusters at Bryant Park

– Saw The Imitation Game at an outdoor cinema in Hoboken

– Saw Usual Suspects on a Rooftop

– Watched the sunrise over Manhattan from the roof

– Went to Boston

– Watched a baseball game

– Ran around trying to get free stuff at Gay Pride parade

– Had drinks at the UN Head Quarters

– Went to the 9/11 Museum

– Played with dinosaurs at The Natural History Museum

– Got dressed up and went to a New York wedding

– Went to the ballet at Lincoln Center

– Lay on my scarf and listened to the New York Philharmonic in Central Park

– Sunbathed at Rockaway Beach

– Ate fish tacos at Tacoway beach

– Got claustrophobic at Museum Mile Festival

You know… the usual…

Quiet month really.


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