Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Last night officially felt like summer.

Happy people. Sun loungers. Hot weather. Popcorn. Thousands of people in Bryant Park. And Ghostbusters.


All I needed was a fruity cider.

Welcome to New York outdoor cinema season.

My colleagues mentioned that Bryant Park outdoor movie nights were popular, but it’s one of those things that you have to see it to believe it.

And oh dear lord, it was busy.

You literally couldn’t move in the park it was so busy.


So trying to find a group of people in the sea of sun loungers, beach towels and bodies, was somewhat of a challenge.

The park opened at 5pm for people to start finding spaces and getting comfortable.

My friends got there at about 5.30. And I rocked up at 6.30 (fully prepared with blanket and food – and surrounded by snarky girls that were not happy about me sitting at the edge of their stuff, but did I care?!).

By that point it was heaving. Way beyond what I expected.

At 7.30, 4 out of 6 of our group gave up.


I was committed! I stayed strong. I wanted to sit and watch a whole movie, or at least part of one in warm open air!

I slowly started to dwindle.

By 8.15, I had pretty much lost the feeling in my bum and back. And then an announcement came to say the film would start at 9. They know how to drag it out!

But everyone was so excited and there was such a good atmosphere that it seemed a shame to leave when we’d waited so long.

It was truly a New York experience. Looking around there were people having naps, people getting naked, groups playing games of ‘heads up’ or ‘who am I?’ or I have no idea what, but it looked fun.

Just soaking up everyone’s energy was more of an experience than anything, I got to the point that I was enjoying that so much that I forgot I was there to see a film.

Unfortunately, I made the rookie mistake of trying to make friends. With a total weirdo. And it was too busy to run away!


(This was the view from where I was sitting)

By 9 we were losing the will to live – 2 and a half hours of no music, no film, no general entertainment to keep people amused, come on Bryant Park! We thought that we’d move toward the edge so that after a little bit of the film we could make an easier escape and still have seen it.

That was easier said than done.


We ended up wandering around – while the stupid trailers played, surely that could’ve been something to fill the time with before 9?! – and then watched it through the fence, before we gradually getting closer and closer to the screen and found a seat again.

It was too exciting to see a movie on a big screen that was based in New York! We had to stay. At least for a little while!


Next time. Dirty Dancing. I’ll get there at 8!


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