Being serious this time, my parents came to visit

For the last week my parents have been in New York (to visit their favourite child, I know they won’t directly admit it, but it’s true)

Now that we’ve established that…

They decided about a month or so ago that they would come out at the start of June to visit me. A good time, so that it wasn’t too soon that I would end up homesick, and long enough that it broke up the year and I would know enough to show them cool shit (or at least try).

We were all really excited.

And if I’m being completely honest, I was maybe a little apprehensive.

I mean, this is the first time I’ve been away from home, not able to pop home for a cup of tea and a chat with my mum and get her to do my washing. It’s America. I’m feeling pretty settled and independent. There was every chance they could come out and tell me my life was a ridiculous, giant piss up and a waste of time.

But if that was the case, my dad would probably just be more jealous.

Of course that wouldn’t happen. You just never know.

True Gorman Style 

As always. Something had to go wrong from the get go.

I suggested a couple of options for getting from JFK to Manhattan, knowing full well that with our track record of travel, NONE would be successful.

And of course. It was an absolute shambles.

Took them 4 hours to get from the airport to the apartment. But how was I meant to know that?!

Note to anyone else that comes to visit. Get the Air Train and the subway. Do not get the Super Shuttle, at rush hour, when there’s only 2 people to get dropped off out of 10, at very different parts of New York. It is just not worth the effort.

The Week

It was a really nice, sort of chilled week (considering me and my dad are unable to sit still).

We ate like kings.

Holy crap. We got some damn good food.

We started the visit with cupcakes. It was my dad’s birthday in May and I was feeling pretty guilty for not being there or being able to do anything for it.

So when they arrived I handed him a box of cupcakes – really these were more for mum and I than him.


Saturday. Jack’s Wife Freda for breakfast. Best breakfast of my life.


IMG_20150606_111445Dinner at Katz’s Deli on Saturday. Pastrami and Brisket. And a birthday t-shirt for the most excited man on the planet!


Sunday. Major sensory indecision at Smorgasburg.

Seafood at Battello.


Tuesday. Mezze at Cookshop in Chelsea.

Wednesday. Gramercy Tavern. Another culinary dream of my dad’s. Well worth the wait.


Plus a great day of being a tourist at One World Trade Observatory, 9/11 Memorial, mani/pedi’s for a girly afternoon with my mammy, fancy dinner and Comedy Cellar.


Dad’s words on Wednesday, “If Carlsberg did days out…” so true.

Where to next time pops?!


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