New York loves a queue

Never in my life have I waited in so many long lines for so many things.

And so patiently.

At home I would just get restless and pissed off and question whether anything was worth this amount of time.

Now I have stood in lines for food, events, tickets, I’m sure there has been more.

For up to 90 minutes.

I even heard people last night standing in the queue, googling what it was for, to see if it was worth waiting in it.

This place is crazy.

Last night

I stood in a line for ice cream.

Free Hagen Daaz ice cream.

By myself.

On a warm, 29 degree day, after work.

Whilst writing a blog about queuing.

Yes, you heard, I stood in a line, writing about standing in a line.

What is my life?!

I’ll take inspiration where I can get it!

I walked up toward the shop and couldn’t see any lines, couldn’t see anyone with ice cream, started to get pretty excited that I’d lucked out and I was going to be straight in and out.

Three quarters of a block. I pretty much lucked out.

To be fair in New York time, that’s only about 30 minutes. So I was winning.


Upside to working uptown, it’s quieter.

The other option was Penn Station, which I quickly thought better of.

Downside to uptown, the shop is a fair bit smaller. So it takes a bit longer to funnel all the excited ice cream scavengers through the shop to make space for my fat belly.

Worth the wait

I got to be happy on the subway.

With a belly full of ice cream.

Surrounded by unfortunate, grumpy, ice cream-less losers.

It was so funny watching people come out the shop taking the obligatory selfie with ice cream and the ‘check my #freeicecream’ Instragram photo.

I got the goods

It was a weird process when I got into the shop as they ushered everyone in and told us to move towards the back of the shop.

But then when I asked for something that was at the front I had to go to the front of the shop to be served by someone else.

Make up your mind, you crazy fool!!


I got midnight cookies and cream. In a sugar cone.

So much chocolaty goodness. Chocolate ice cream, full of cookies and cream.

And even better. The cone was packed to the bottom because the boy clearly had no idea how to scoop ice cream and kept getting tiny bits and they all fell into the cone.

You ready for the photo?!

Drum roll please.


[yeah I Instagrammed the s**t out of that]

Happy days!!!


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