If my life was an episode of Gossip Girl this would be a winner for the re-runs  

Life in New York has been an adventure.

A crazy, whirlwind, mind blowing adventure.

And I wouldn’t change any of it.

But on Thursday night, it got a little more exciting. A little more different.

I was invited to a party at the Waldorf Astoria. Yeah, I got fancy!

So I got myself looking all civilised – that doesn’t happen very often, skinnies and t’s all the way.


Sisterly advice 

I text my sister on Wednesday afternoon to tell her about my invite and see if she thought I should go.

Obviously there was only EVER going to be one answer to this question.

Her response cracked me up.

“Definitely go. That’s something out of Gossip Girl. Definitely don’t miss it, that’s amazing! Go for me. Go to say you’ve been. That’s gonna be some fancy sheeeeeeeeeeet.”

I love my sister and her wise words.

The Winston Churchill Suite


We arrived at the hotel to be given a key by reception to let ourselves into the suite.

That Angelina Jolie had been staying in the week before.

Damn right.

The suite hasn’t been changed since Churchill stayed in it. Except the phone that he used to make major, important war phone calls had been removed – come on, of all the things I wanted a photo with, it was only going to be that phone!

Churchill's phone

The suite is incredible. And huge. Massive living room, dining room, multiple bedrooms.

With photos of Churchill dotted around.

The who’s who

On the way there I was getting the run down on who might be there, and who had been staying with the host earlier in the week.

The host being, famous Saudi journalist Othman Al Omeir. Family friends with my friend – I couldn’t just randomly get myself invited to this, but that would be a story!

Earlier in the week the Prince of Saudi and owner of Coca-Cola had joined them.

So it’s safe to say I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed and intimidated.

Until I got there and realised they were all really nice and down to earth. And the Prince and Coca-Cola man weren’t there.

Party time

The idea of the night was a little get together between Saudi and Scottish friends. Nothing major.

Some casual dinner and drinks.

With a well kitted out open bar set up in the living room.



And the most beautiful buffet set up with a mountain of cheese. And cake. And fruit. And pasta. And mmmm… just thinking about it again makes me happy.

As I kind of expected, the Scot’s split into one room during dinner and the Saudi’s were in the other – only because there were too many people for the seats.

And with most groups of Scottish people, the conversation typically changed to politics.

So with the recent referendum, it was inevitable that the conversation would move on to the Scottish Government at some point.

But I had two courses of cake and cheese, so I could quite happily ignore it and speak when I really had to contribute.


The food

The most entertaining bit of the night, undoubtedly, had to be when we were told we could pack up all the food and take it home.

Being a group of four interns, with nearly no money, this statement was like a dream come true.

Everything. Take everything home.

So three of us got to work on loading the food we wanted into boxes to take away with us.

Cakes. Cheese. Pasta. Some more cake. Oh yeah, and some more cake.

It was a one for me, one for me situation, at its very, very best.

One for me (in the box), one for me (in my mouth). And then a silly little gleeful chuckle to myself every time.

So much food. 2 bags each.


At this point, it is now Saturday, and all I have eaten for my last 5 meals, and snacks has been leftovers. Amazing leftovers.

And cake.

2 boxes of biscuits.

I am going to be enormous by the time I leave New York. The struggle is real.

But what a night. Meeting some new and interesting people, being wined and dined, and getting to sit in a beautiful suite in the Waldorf Astoria.

And we got invited to a grown up tea party.

To sit and drink tea and cocktails and eat sandwiches with another Scottish girl living in New York.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Before we could leave there was important business to attend to

We had a little photo op. in the hall and lobby.

Taking photos of everything!

Just anything that could prove we were there, or looked cool.

DSC_0333 DSC_0338 DSC_0341 DSC_0345 DSC_0346We’re just too cool.


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