Come sail away with me

Last night I went to a boat party.

This was set up for people from Columbia, NYU, Mountbatten and other New York students.

The idea was that we would go along and get to know some other students living in New York.

The reality was, that we mostly spoke to each other and got drunk.

I had a hard time with the boat, not realising that my issues with little rowing boats stretched so far that I was almost paralysed with fear on a big boat.

It was horrible.

The sway of the boat made my head feel like it was going to explode and I was going to pass out. We hadn’t even left the port yet.

I asked the bartender if it was just like that because we hadn’t started moving. Which he agreed it was, and it would get better when we started moving. Then he asked what I’d do if he said it got worse. I said I’d run away.

Genuinely. I would run off the boat so fast!

It would be like a cartoon, with a cloud of smoke left behind me.

But anyway, it got better, a bit.

I still wanted to pass out for 70% of it. But it was fun.

I resorted to gin and taking millions of terrible photos to distract myself from the trauma.

New York is such an amazing city from every angle.

IMG_20150502_115328 IMG_20150502_120238 IMG_20150502_120742 IMG_20150502_201605 IMG_20150502_151334 IMG_20150502_141524 IMG_20150502_115756


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