Natural History Museum: One Step Beyond

April 3.

I was asked if I wanted to go to an event at the Natural History Museum.

Tickets were $30.

I thought it sounded amazing, but at $30 I wasn’t sure I could justify it.

Then I got a text on the afternoon of the event to say tickets were on a buy one get one free deal for early birds.

So $15.

I could handle that.

The only thing was. I had just booked a trip to Philadelphia for the next morning about 30 minutes before being told about this.

Figured, how often am I going to get a chance like this? So the always say yes logic kicked in.

One Step Beyond

Arrived at the venue.

We were directed to the Space exhibition room.

Walked in to bright lights and strobes swirling around. It really added to the space element.

Then I noticed the DJ set up in the middle of the room next to a planet.

This was definitely not a side the Natural History Museum that I thought I’d ever get to see – or that I thought would’ve existed.

Circling the outside was a spiral walkway with the moon high in the middle. Inside there was a Planetarium.

I took a walk around the walkway, looking down at the party below, it looked incredible.

There were people enjoying themselves everywhere, the music was bouncing off the white surfaces, hitting the planets and glass windows.

I went into the planetarium to see the exhibition.

There was a bird’s eye view of Manhattan.

The presentation started and Liam Neeson’s voice started to bellow through the room.

Then the image started to pull away as the camera went toward space. With Liam Neeson explaining a lot of historic information about New York and space – not that I could tell at this stage what he was talking about, something about water…

This made a nice little change from the usual night out.



The Quest for American friends

Finally we got to meet some American’s.

And a pretty cool bunch of American’s at that. Not that I’m surprised. Just surprised they spoke to me, really.

We became the adopted Brit family.

The Trip Home

The Subway home is always the worst bit of the night.

It always takes longer than you think.

And I seem to keep falling asleep on the last leg of it – the PATH.

Must not fall asleep. Especially on my own.


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