Somehow I survived month 1!

I wasn’t entirely convinced I’d survived.

You know, maybe have a hiccup or two.

But really, I only got on the wrong subway a couple of times and slept in for a bus.

I didn’t get alcohol poisoning or die.

I joined a gym.

I ate healthy – except beer.

I made new friends – some of which are American.

I learnt to use the crazy ass washing machine and it didn’t destroy my clothes or shrink anything.

I am starting to settle at work and find my feet.

I probably ask a few too many questions, but I’ve never looked at that as a bad thing.

I went to a football (“soccer”) game.

I went to a basketball game.

I took part in a church service.

I did New York brunch.

I went to Philly. And ate a cheese steak.

I went gallery hopping.

I got a roommate.

I found a bar that serves $2 Champagne on Wednesday’s – my new tiny habit, “If I go to class, I will get Champagne”.

I may have nearly blown through the first month’s partial stipend already, but you live and learn.

I have not done as well at keeping my blog updated in the last week – so keep your eyes peeled, there’s a lot to come!

All and all, I feel pretty at home in New York and love my life.

Here’s my first month in pictures!

Week 1…

Arriving in the city



Week 2…


Grand CentralIMG_20150322_112044IMG_20150326_230053

Week 3…

IMG_20150328_172855 IMG_20150328_192606 IMG_20150328_190040IMG_20150328_185836

Week 4…


IMG_20150401_015743 IMG_20150331_180322

IMG_20150403_225313 IMG_20150403_225411



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