Yesterday a group of us took a trip to the Bronx, to go to our first soccer game at Yankee Stadium.

New York City FC v Sporting Kansas City.

I spent the week as per usual, being ridiculously indecisive. To the point that I nearly missed out on getting a ticket.

The Bronx

After spending a few weeks in Manhattan and getting used to skyscrapers everywhere and the general familiar sounds of the city. Stepping off the Subway in the Bronx was a little different.

Lots of open space, trains rattling above my head, steel pillars, and music blaring on the street. It was pretty cool.

Then I turned the corner to Yankee Stadium.

It was not what I expected either. Not that I really knew what to expect – somehow I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of it.

It looked like it should be in Italy or something. Very white. Columns.

Tickets sorted. It was time to hit the pub.


The last drop

Again, in Manhattan, I have gotten used to small bars. This place was huge. Like absolutely enormous.

Walked in and decided that it must just be the first room. Turned the corner and it opened up into a massive room and two other bars.

Although $8 for house tequila proved the prices still aren’t that different.


Game Time

Inside, the main hall was lined with flags, each one with a different baseball player’s signature photo. Nice touch.

Upstairs, you walk into a huge arena that opens out to thousands of seats, looming over what looks like a tiny pitch in comparison.

I’m gutted. All I wanted was to see the stadium, and the national anthem. Stupid pre-game drinking meant team toilet trip, so I missed the national anthem.

But, conveniently, they blast it through the toilets so you can at least still hear it!IMG_20150328_190040


Yankee Stadium is so cool. Ridiculously overpriced – $13 for a beer, $5 for water. Seriously?!

And soccer is boring. There is a reason I never watched football at home.

And baseball caps are way too big for my head, so I look like a pee head gangster.

Half time bail out

I’m ashamed to say, I couldn’t hack it.

It was far too cold. Even with thick fluffy leggings, three pairs of socks – one being knee high – a long sleeve top, jumper, warm jacket, hat, scarf and gloves. I was frozen.

And then it started to snow. On March 28th. It snowed.

I thought leaving the UK meant no more crazy unseasonal weather. But clearly it just follows me.

So at half time, enough was enough. Half of us bailed and watched it in the comfort of the pub with a PBR.


The result

New York City FC lost.

I can now say that I have ticked one sporting event off the list, and I definitely never have to watch another game of soccer again.

Next time, summer baseball at Yankee Stadium.



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