Rules of the road

First off. Are there are any?!?

Every time I go to cross a road I feel like I need to say a prayer that I will make it to the other side.

(Working for a church has had an effect already!)

But it’s not just the drivers that are a nightmare. Looking around, the pedestrians are just as bad.

I was standing on Seventh Avenue the other day, next to Penn Station, patiently waiting for the light to change. All of a sudden about 20 people launched into the middle of the road, had enough of waiting, no sign of the light changing soon.


Do you see the green/white man?

Do you have a death wish?

This city may kill me.

When it comes to the drivers. Where the hell do I start?

On what planet does it make sense to turn right (or left? Whatever way they’re going cause the direction of traffic also confuses me somewhat right now) on a junction when there is a red light where you are and a green man where you are about to go?

To make matters worse. There is a red light. A green man. And 100 determined looking people about to cross the road.

Yeah, bright spark. This is the PERFECT opportunity to reduce the population, just so you can turn a few seconds sooner.


Pedestrians walk on a closed sections of Broadway and 7th Avenue in New York City

It doesn’t help that the majority of the time I am so disorientated from spending time underground on the PATH and Subway that when I come up for air, I have absolutely no idea where I am or what direction I’m meant to be going in.

I am getting very good at finding different ways to go, or if nothing else, getting all my steps in for the day.

Should’ve brought my FitBit.

One thing that I do like about the traffic though. And it is so characteristic New York. Is everyone tooting. All day long.

It’s never just quiet walking about. There’s always something happening, someone wanting to be seen or heard.

I phoned my Dad the other night when I was heading to the Subway. It ended up with me walking 15 blocks – past three Subway stops – because he was so excited (and jealous) to hear the noises of New York in the background.


Spending so much time in Manhattan getting used to the maniac drivers and pedestrians, I have started to somewhat develop the mindset of a ‘take your life in your hands, crazy pedestrian’.

Jersey City is a little different.

I get home. And drivers slow down. And stop to let you cross the road outside the apartment.

What is that?

They are starting to create a false sense of security, so it’s harder to survive in the city.

While writing this I remember a saying that a friend used to overuse, “They’ve got to stop before they hit you”. It really is pretty true.

Fingers crossed nobody is going to hit me though.

But I might need to brush up on the American Highway Code just to be safe.


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