Grocery Shopping

My new favourite hobby is walking around supermarkets.

I know it’s a little sad. But I’ve always loved going to the supermarket when I’m in a different country.

I would always go with my dad in Portugal – Pingo Doche.

Getting to see what kind of things other people eat, what they have that’s different from home.

Especially the vegetables and deli. It all looks so fresh in other supermarkets. Not like Tesco where it’s coated in plastic and has possibly never seen real sunlight.

So this has been my little bit of excitement and stress in the last week.

I have no idea what to do with an hour long lunch break. So on one of them I took myself out to get acquainted with the local area. Cafes, student supply shop, and the supermarket.

I find it fascinating, but maybe that’s because I love to cook.

The real eye opener was Trader Joe’s.

Monday’s shopping trip took on entirely different challenges.

Trader Joe’s. If anyone has ever been there, they will get that it does not require any further explanation.

For those that haven’t. Picture this. Three floors of food. A lot of people. Even at 8pm. A queue bending round the very large store. Every type of everything you could ever want.

I wanted a tin of tuna. Salt. Half salt. No salt. Water. Other liquids. Just give me a tin of tuna!

I stood in the queue to pay for about 20 minutes – which is probably pretty good going. Which bends through the vegetable section. I love vegetables. But I had no idea what the rules were – if I could step out to grab something or if someone would steal my food if I did that. So I left without half of what I needed.

When I finally left the shop – which is on 72nd street and I live in Jersey City (not nearby) – I went into my pocket to get my Subway ticket, looked down, and my bag had broken.

From now on. I am taking a rucksack EVERYWHERE. A handbag no longer works. It is not practical.

And I will learn the art of the sport that is shopping in Trader Joe’s.

The next supermarket challenge: Finding the things I need to bake cakes!! Any suggestions are welcome! And help you eat them is essential!



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