Updates and Amends

1. See Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, Washington D.C. and Nashville.

– I would now like to add Pittsburgh to the list. And I have spent some time amusing myself with how much it would be to get a bus to some of these places…  

2. Learn to live away from home and be good at it.

– I’ve not killed myself yet. 

3. Keep up my fitness (maybe not as excessively as at home).

– 3 free Crossfit trial classes! And running. 

4. Learn a new skill.

– I have learnt to use the crazy washing machines! 

5. See as much of New York and the surrounding boroughs as I can – and not just the tourist crap, the real nitty gritty.

– I’m starting to see things, but will need more time 

6. Be self sufficient.

– It’s only a couple of weeks in, but I’ve managed to feed myself, not sleep in and do my washing. So we’re off to a good start! 

7. Be a better writer, photographer, interpreter, navigator.

– I think the writing has started.

– I keep forgetting to grab my camera.

– My navigation is pretty top notch, except the day I got on the Subway and went Downtown instead of Uptown (was bound to happen, how else will I learn?).

– Interpreter, not quite yet – still getting used to this sharing situation. 

8. Be more assertive and confident.

– I don’t get as nervous in big groups now. Unless it’s a flat party with a lot of people squished like sardines. Then I look like a deer caught in headlights and can’t breath anymore. 

9. Get a hotdog/pretzel from a vendor.

– They look gross so I’m going to scratch this. I did it before. No need to do it again. But some of the street vendors look pretty good. 

10. Hail a yellow cab.

– I’m not made of money. The subway and my legs will do me fine for now. 

11. Ride the subway like a pro.

– Damn right. It’s not that hard. 

12. Make friends with locals.

– I’ve tried out Crossfit, so I’ve met a couple of locals. 

13. Not pick up an accent.

– So far so good. Lets hope it stays that way. 

14. Eat a $1 pizza slice.

– $2.50. Still to find the $1. 

15.  City highlights so far.

– Walking the High Line from start to finish.

– Running from Newport to Colgate Center Park, with the view of the sun setting over Manhattan skyline. 

– Brunch. Who knew brunch could be so messy? 5.30pm and people were dancing on tables! 



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