Thoughts on the flight

Moving to a new city is a bizarre prospect that brings with it a multitude of emotions.

There’s excitement about going somewhere new, but on the flip side there’s the upset of saying goodbye to loved ones for an unforeseen period that you can’t even begin to comprehend actually happening – even while it’s happening.

A little bit of background…

I am moving to New York (as I get round to writing this, I HAVE moved to New York – still can’t believe it) to do an internship and postgraduate for a year. A whole year.

In the past I have done some travelling – backpacking in Italy alone and Europe with a friend. But this is different.

Right now I am experiencing the emotions of excitement and anxiety about moving house, moving city and starting a new job, all in one. Not to mention never really living away from home before.

Becoming a reality…

Planning and preparing for a trip like this has been a whirlwind. After applying for the programme in October I only found out I was successful and would be moving 3 and a half weeks before departure.

Finally turning an over talked about idea (dream) into a reality.

The very expensive reality of booking flights, processing visas, taking last minute flights to interview for a visa, packing – holy crap, the packing, how on earth are you supposed to pack for a year in one suitcase?! But I did it – in 31.8kg may I add.

The final countdown….

Seeing friends and family in the days before leaving began to make the move more real.

Sitting on my last night discussing what could change by the time I got back. The weird and wonderful scenarios of what my friends could be doing in 12 months time.

Who would be doing what? Who would be engaged? Who would be broken up? Would everyone still be friends? Would they all still be living in the UK?

Meanwhile, I was thinking up plans of where to visit on my stipend budget…. how might I change over the year… who would I meet in a day, a week, a month, a year…. what would I learn….?

Nobody can predict any of it. Which makes it so exciting, terrifying, overwhelming, exhilerating. Its a fantastic situation to be in, I can quite literally do anything I want to, with all these possibilities right in front of me and I just have to take the leap.

So, I thought I would set myself some goals. Some that I can tick off the list in a couple of days, and some that I can work on, and then I can add to it as I realise these are all really easy.

I want to…
– See Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, Washington D.C. and Nashville.

– Learn to live away from home and be good at it.

– Keep up my fitness (maybe not as excessively as at home).

– Learn a new skill.

– See as much of New York and the surrounding boroughs as I can – and not just the tourist crap, the real nitty gritty.

– Be self sufficient.

– Be a better writer, photographer, interpreter, navigator.

– Be more assertive and confident.

– Get a hotdog/pretzel from a vendor.

– Hail a yellow cab.

– Ride the subway like a pro.

– Make friends with locals.

– Not pick up an accent.

– Eat a $1 pizza slice.

Over the year I will be trying to write as much as I can, so please keep watching and see what interesting adventures I have and the life lessons I learn.


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