Hi :)

Welcome to my new blog! This is the first time I’ve written anything like this, so bear with me!

A little bit about what you might see here – a reflection of me. I really enjoy 3 things. Travel. Baking. Fitness. So I guess that’s what you might find here. But more the travel, and a little bit about yummy cakes and bakeries.

I went travelling around Italy in 2012. A last minute, spontaneous, lose your mind, quit your job, have the time of your life experience that you always wish you could do and never actually think you will until you’re a week into your trip and go ‘Oh my god this is the best decision I’ve ever made!’ and I’ve never looked back since.

Ever since then I have been obsessed with travel, not only the places I’ve been, but the places that there’s probably no chance of me ever making it to – I mean, the world is huge!

I then went Inter Railing through Europe in 2013 with a friend – 13 cities in 29 days. But I will go into more detail about that another time…

And now I seem to be asked all the time if I know things about different cities. If I don’t, I try to – damn curiosity.

Therefore, the idea is that this will become that go to place on where to find fairly useless tips about destinations: where to stay, what to do, where to eat, how to enjoy getting lost – that kind of thing.

I hope you like it!

Feel free to ask any questions and I will try where I can to answer 🙂

A x


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